I got a job, fukYeah! #YeahBoi

I held my head high as I walked through the gym locker room, almost expecting inquiry as to my whereabouts. By then it was over a year since last visit, and I was not without stories. The events I was able to attest to were of commonality with hustlers and pimps. I was well into a third probationary term; which included a short stint in county jail, and I was trying a lengthy term as a resident of the city. But more important was the fact I started adhering to a 1000 pushup weekly resolution for the calendar year. I had not started the pursuit of a 1000 pushup weekly average on time, it would be within the month of April. Simply, because I was coming off opiate addiction for the second or third time due to a swollen disc in the lower spine, I was serving a probationary term with the State, and I was ingesting cannabis to alleviate inflammation experienced as a result of the strenuous workout routine experienced daily. I would interact with an acquaintance where the response was less than responsive, but in fact, shat all on my regalement; how many is that within the day? 143, 143 dic!

Again I would visit with the man after another year, I would boast to training for the year away, developing the ability to transition from completing 1000 pushup weekly, to completing 1000 pushups daily. To which the response was lackluster at best, a mere Geeyusz!

Again, my response is in transition; the fact that I have gone from 1000 pushups weekly to 1000 pushups daily is not insignificant. I was expecting a congratulatory tone commenting on the experiences garnered along a time-line created when attempting such a miraculous feat!

Currently reading a book on manliness; I asked the gentleman if the book was indication of ignorance? The response was indicative of declaring shallow confidence.

This guy approached and requested some of my time, and to which I obliged only to sit at the table. The guy arranged coffee straws in a field-goal pattern, then requesting I only move two straws, have the football outside the uprights. I was to understand that to move a straw meant to move it the length of the straw perpendicular; that was not the case, one straw was moved a slight. Which is the way I perceive that interaction being.

With complete disregard to the problem at hand, I was contemplating the seriousness of the moment. I was figuring to quickly dispose of the quiz I appeared clueless; in so doing, was an attempt to accelerate the camaraderie.

When one is perceived less than ordinary, a customary ideology is established.

Today is the second day of employment, not of performing work related task, but of having a job!

Because time is a relative concept it will go to notice my accomplishments or resolutions come not within the calendar year, but within my lifetime. Since by the second month of the year I had completed the stated goal, or I was willing to accept 95 sets of ten pushups as accomplishment, and it was on to the next! Today I started the pursuit of fifty sets of twenty pushups as a means to 1000 pushups; and I was successful attempting fifty sets of eleven pushups. I was successful in completion of a second fifty set grouping of eleven pushups each. I suppose one attacks most problems in a similar fashion; do not allow a time sensitive pursuit. If so, then one has already failed.

At start I was using calisthenics as strength training, but then as a warm-up before weight training. The pursuit has evolved into one exercise; the pushup. A few years ago I figured 1000 weekly pushups was a unique goal. As the year progressed I got started completing 1000+ weekly pushups, and that year I was able to conclude the year with 1000+ weekly pushup average. In hindsight, I had to reorganize the pushup routine to include more than the needed amount. First it was 1000+ pushups weekly, then 1000+ pushups daily, and by surpassing the goal of 120 minutes, it is on to the next.

Fifty sets of twenty pushups, that is all! Twice today I have done fifty sets of eleven pushups, and next month will be twelve pushups.



Sunday 12/31/2017 marks the last Sunday of the year, the year started on Sunday 1/1/2017, and this is how I reflect on the year. I reflect on another year and I am grateful for the record keeping I have done. Overall it was a good year, no arrest, a the lack of intoxicants is reason.

Monday I understand to account for the inability to meet my goal of 100 sets of ten pushups, I have completed a 500 pushup routine daily for the last five days of the year. The(first) attempt for the year of 500 pushups has ended at 116 pushups. 11 degrees! It was also the last.

Tuesday , twenty-four hours a day

The authors have already started providing inspirational text. As if to take a superior role in communication.The authors would want the audience to believe that everyone’s path is unique. But then preach that their way is best.

Maybe it is to early to throw stones but I perceive most in the rooms are open to take advantage of the newcomer. Whether it be a fake hand shake to alleviate awkwardness, or a charge for twice what the person should have paid for the big book.

I believe it is completely up to me to relapse, and I do not relate to the weak and undisciplined. With that knowledge it is my responsibility, not the groups. If everyone is responsible, no one is. I attempted to associate with the members of the group, but it would always failed due to me not adjusting behavior in the suggested way. I am a sole person, I never propose a solution based on group mentality. If one were to ask that seems elementary.

And on Wednesday I perceived a noteworthy start to the year; I am impressed with my abilities, both the organizational, and the physical. The 500 words daily has been a record of activities and thinking. Or activity, pushups, and the result of mental pushups, writing!

Thursday brought a message unrelated within 24 Hours a Day.. It seeks to take the personality of the individual and label it unique, but insist that the process for rehabilitation is not; fix you right up!

Friday brought concern about the number of pushups I had done, or not done. It got cold here, I exercise outside, and hiving fingers exposed. I would go outside multiple times each day this week but the totals never eclipse 50 pushups.

Saturday was an end to a week that placed me behind schedule. Ironic the book review has not been completed for the past few days. The book introduces discipline as a way to correct the problem common to persons who own the book. It requires six days to introduce an element so important. Discipline by itself can produce a solution.


…progress is attitude

Yesterday’s and today’s routine of 500 pushups were achieved by transitioning to sets of five pushups. Thus allowing a new strategy for the pursuit of 100 sets of ten pushups to be realized. I will develop the endurance to complete 100 sets of five pushups, then 100 sets of eight pushups, and then it will be 100 sets of ten pushups. Allowing for training accidents I have outline the activities for 361 days. I wish scheduling were this easy!

The resolution was attended to the second day of the year, because some day at the end of last year a proclamation was made concerning the ability to complete 500 pushups daily. I like to be sure of integrity regarding all statements. So, two days before Christmas, and five days after, 50 sets of ten pushups were done as a routine. Hence the inability to perform 500 pushups on the first day of the year. I was doing fifty sets of ten pushups to total 500 pushups, and I got burnt out. Now I will get to 500 pushups by completing 100 sets of five pushups. I am breaking the 100 sets of five pushups into two groups of 50 sets. I am now focused on the merge; as in the two groups of 50 sets. Both were done by 1300 today; its the third day of the year!

I have finish the application process with a local grocery store.

Twenty-four hours a day.

As the book reads, it strikes me as a con, the formula to extract dollars from the unwitting. This diagnosis is opinionated! Everything is dependent on how much the individual is willing to give up to feel accepted. Which is then dependent on the guilt the individual has regarding the decisions that formulate the past. Feelings and emotion should never lead financial decisions.

I perceive it to be a question of discipline. A question I have arrived at the correct answer for nearly four years.

My resolution is a way to become successful in attaining last year’s resolution. It would have been impressive if one were to transition from 1000 pushups weekly, to daily, within 365 days. At the end of the year I was able to perform 500 pushups consecutively for the last five days. And, the fist opportunity to fail for the 2018 year was on the first day. On the first day I completed 16 sets of ten pushups. The routine for the second day is when the reduction in the pushup total within sets took place. It was easy to transition from completing five sets of ten pushups to ten sets of five pushups. I then proceeded to complete 38 sets of five pushups and five sets of ten pushups. It was many hours later that I would complete a routine of 264 pushups, making 520 pushups for the day. Striving for the ability to perform 100 sets consecutively, the period of time between each group of fifty sets has shrunk to two hours. I will make it! Peace.

I was twenty at the time and a twenty-one year old man was giving my seventeen year old brother a hard time through interactions on weekends. It was the night of the fbs championship. As a group gathered at the house of a friend, drinking games would ensue. It would be the ride to my house that the altercation would happen. As the three of us were driving the driver would point out his house. After the vehicle stopped I got out not fully understanding what was going to happen. I went to the door around midnight, and he would answer the door. I would challenge him there. All the loud voices woke his father up, who came to the door. I responded by informing the two of them I was willing to make easier for them, and fight the both of them. I was charged with burglary for the forceful way I entered the house, and after a small scuffle, he was able to slip out of the head lock and push me outside. When I turned around the man’s sister was closing the door. I would bang on the door before leaving. The police were already in my drive; I chose to have the driver proceed past my residence, drop me off away from that location, and I would walk home. Once arriving at the front porch, I would be interrogated as to what my name was. My response exhibited that of a person giving up. The fortunate aspect of that ordeal was that the charges all remained non-violent misdemeanors. Which now, I reflect and conclude that the lawyer did his job. That same lawyer would advise me to plead guilty to a later incident, where clearly I was guilty, but it had the effect of violating probation for a separate case. I would then use a different lawyer for the violation, and become a convict.

Being released on Independence day gave new meaning to the holiday. The fortunate aspect of that situation was that seventeen days left on my sentence I would report back from work release intoxicated. I retained my job at the country club once I made work release. It was seven in the morning, I reported to work knowing I had to return by five that evening. Management would cut the staff at ten in the morning, and give me the rest of the day off. I was overjoyed but my prospects were few, and so I walked the two miles to the bar. I was having such a good time I had forgot I was locked-up, but an ex-convict pulled me up a discussed the gravity of my decisions. I had him drop me off seven to ten miles away from the jail; so I could walk and regain my composure. I was two hours late. After my injury, and while making better decisions I went to investigate the engagement process, but while at the seminar I came to understand my criminal behavior was not eligible. It had to do with the state giving me a probationary term, all of which I violated.

I got out of county jail July 4, 1999, I was struck by a car October 10,1999.

There are two facilities local to me, and by local I mean I do not have a driver’s license and I will walk. I was being discharged from the hospital with the inability to walk at the end of ‘99. In 2001 I started exercising at a local gym two miles away. The walk to get there eclipsed three hours because of a lack of endurance. I would walk there, workout, and then walk home in order to construct an active day. I would perform that routine three or four times weekly. Then in 2003 I extended my walk one mile to arrive at a bus stop. From there I could get to the mall; which was down the street from a community college.

Instead of waiting for the bus responsible for taking the students to school, I would walk the mile or so. In 2009 I graduated with a two year degree. Because of the severity of my injury I was required to take the placement exam upon registration. The test reveled shortcomings and I was placed in two prerequisites before college level English and three prerequisites before college level math. The school did have a gym, and I would perform routines working two muscles. (chest&triceps, or bask&biceps, or legs&shoulders) I would consistently perform sets of 15, 12, 10, and 8; sometimes the set of 15 was a casualty. As a warm-up I would routinely do 100 squats, 200 sit-ups, and 300 pushups before chest&triceps, or bask&biceps, or legs&shoulders. I would the repeat the same order before the week was over, and on the seventh day I could rest, but I chose to do cardio or walk to remain active. I performed that six day routine for most of a summer, but with other interest I had weight training became a casualty.

After surviving the injury I thought I was the man and I would enroll in BJJ while also exercising at the local gym, or exercising at the school, in addition to the walking that was done, I felt superior. Tracking myself using an app for the cell phone that triangulates cell towers to produce a map of the days activities. I would measure the time required to journey 1000 miles, sixteen months; I walked for more than a decade. There has been other things that have astonished me, but they remain mostly physical. In school I was astonished by some of the grades I received, but I felt as if the administration was passing me with C’s no matter the performance.

I thought there was a need for change so I switched gyms. Switching to a gym seven miles away and a lower membership cost. Now that the endurance was at a high level I could get there under three hours. I did the routine for a few years then I had a short stint of no physical activity. I started doing pushups as away of isolation, when questioned about the isolation I responded by claiming it was difficult to argue with myself.

Well after a short stint in city jail and county jail after injury I choose to subtract the culprit; I stopped my alcohol consumption. It has gotten easier as the time progressed. Fortunately for me I was court ordered to work a program. I was engaged from day one; this was the last jail-free program I was eligible for. The criminal history started early in my life, and after the injury and getting my driver’s license after a eleven years of walking, it only took one incident for revocation. Before being injured I had exhibited behavior leading to two intoxicated driving convictions; then I got a third drunk driving conviction post injury.

I had cognitive strength regarding my path, and I understood that a conscious decision was to be made for me to return to a lifestyle that produced a convict. I was unwilling to do that, and because of that I have remained true to myself. While at the 28 day program I continued to do calisthenics as a way to break away from the crowd. The most exercise patients will perform while at rehab is watching someone else do it! The first three weeks there I completed over 2300 sit-ups and nearly 2500 pushups. While at rehab doing the exercises for long periods of time inspired another patient to refer to me as a warrior. At a local gym I completed 100 squats, 100 sit-ups, and 100 pushups within a short period of time, to gain the respect of many. After completing ten sets of thirty pushups and ten sets of twenty sit-ups, I would announce the totals for each exercise, and one of the trainers would respond by saying she can respect three hundred of anything.

After the stint in rehab, and the conclusion of all probationary requirements I would use pushups and sit-ups as a warm-up to weight training at a local gym. At the time I was completing 100 of each exercise within ten minutes. Because I would conclude my membership at both gyms the workout was done at home. I would start with pushups and sit-ups and transition to all pushups. For the year ’16 I would average 1000 pushups weekly, and that was going to be hard to beat; but if there was a person.

Twenty-four hours a day is all the discipline it will take for daily progress to be made. June of ’14 was spent at an inpatient facility for 28 days. That was on the heels of an intensive out patient program; which the court found insufficient in reducing any jail time. I had been through the withdrawal of alcohol, and I enjoy a routine based lifestyle, so rehab was another day I was unemployed. A routine the program perceives as the needed element to a sober lifestyle. Leaving the facility I would proclaim, “Discharged from father martin’s Ashley today; I will not have their influence dictate my pathway to sobriety.”

2017 was a year that saw my Mother die in February. I transitioned from doing 1000 pushups within 168 hours, to 24 hours, and finally 3 hours. Around Christmas this year at a local gym the members were fortunate to witness my effort to complete 500 pushups and 150 sit-ups. I now have the endurance to complete 500 pushups within 60 minutes. The resolution for last year was to perform 100 sets of ten pushups within 120 minutes; by reading the previous sentence one realizes one does not have the level of endurance needed to be successful.

This year I will increase the number of pushups in a set to begin to tear muscle fiber earlier in the workout. As it is now I must workout for forty minutes before a workout takes place. Meaning the endurance level is high, and that the muscle fibers are deep. To exercise the specific fibers I must complete an exercise many times. Someone once told me that I fight to live; which I took to mean that if I was not in shape to confront all, that I would dedicate my free time to correcting that issue.

I will make it in ’18!


In my on mind, and the minds of others, I have risen above the ordinary. As my friend and fellow writer put it; to strange to live and to rare to die!

I was in the right place at the wrong time; and the fact I was large. When the car made contact with the right side of my head the brain stem would absorb the blunt of impact. That said, and with the responsibilities of the brain stem, ensured the ventilator requirement.

Out of the hospital and on to the physical rehabilitation I choose to walk to a local gym. I would perform physical feats such as walking a 15 minute mile, walking 1000 miles within 16 months, and walking to all places.

After graduation, and the loss of a need to walk so much I left the gym two miles from my residence, and became a member of a gym seven miles away. It would be a decade until a driver’s license was issued, but only one year for me to acquire the number of points needed for revocation.

All the points against my license were acquired at once, a third driving while intoxicated conviction. The stint in jail before being injured was not sufficient to illicit a behavior change, but the two stints in county and city jails were. I would attend many rehabilitation facilities within a short period of time; I think there was a contenous 12 months that I was a patient.

The only physical exercise anyone in rehab gets is watching someone else do it. I used it as a way to escape the deluge of reliving a past I would like to forget. It was only two exercises performed during all free time and lunch; pushups & sit-ups. By the end of the twenty-eight days I accumulated 2500 of each.

Not to get to far from the lifestyle I choose to perform 1000 weekly pushups for the year 2016. For 2017 I was not able to attain the goal of 1000 pushups within 120 minutes, or 100 sets of 10 pushups. Better luck in 18′, or not. I am less reliant on luck and certain performance is indicative of results!


I was born for greatness, as indicated by the trials experienced. At first I begun to exhibit a desire to show no fear. Then a realization of identity took me through adolescence. When I arrived at my twenties I chose to witness the progress of others.

Being hit by a car was the hit to the head needed to realize life is short.

Through the rehabilitative process I have experienced many lessons and realizations. The experiences are read as a criminal history and not as an assessment of abilities.

The world I had come to know was different from reality in many aspects; then to suffer sever neurological impairment and try and learn the morels of a fair society was strange.

While a focus was on the physical rehabilitation there was a priority regarding the mental rehabilitation. It would be the extent to which I relied on my physical well being for work that influenced education.

I had been arrested a dozen or more times before being injured, and , after graduating school that part of my life was over. I was to be arrested five times equating to one for each year post graduation.

Today I focus mainly on the physical rehabilitation…


The One Minute Pushup

It started as a rehabilitative outlet for potential energy. My end goal resembled a normalcy regarding life concerns, and I thought pushups were a way to achieve that.

The pushup exercise became convenient for hallway routines; transitioning into a warm-up before weight training at a local gym.

Then an excuse for solitude while in rehab for twenty-eight days; and a way to pass time in jails.

I did 1000 pushups weekly for 2016; I have completed routines of 1000 pushups; I have reduced the amount of time to 126 minutes for completion.

It has taken me sixty months to realize I am doing it wrong. I am making the gains that I desire by slowing things down. I will complete only fifty pushups/hour. #YeahBOI #IMABEAST #GWH